Pink White Magic Mirror Diamond Handmade Press-On Nails 🖤 Long Coffin

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Experience the ultimate convenience and style with our Pink White Magic Mirror Diamond Handmade Press-On Nails ♥ Long Coffin . This set includes 10pcs of false nails, designed for effortless application and a flawless finish. Crafted from high-quality plastic material, these nails offer durability and long-lasting wear. With four sizes available, you can easily find the perfect fit for your fingers, ensuring comfort and stability throughout the day.

Indulge in versatile nail designs with our selection of full nail tips. Whether you prefer classic French manicure nails, trendy almond nails, or eye-catching design nails, we have a style to suit every preference. From mixed color nails to wave pattern nails, stripe pattern nails to wearable nails, unleash your creativity and express y our unique personality with our wide range of options.


  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Quantity: 10pcs
  • Size: XS / S / M / L
  • Nail Width: Four sizes
  • Nail Length: As pictures show
  • Type: Full Nail Tips
  • Application: Finger
  • Item Type: False Nail
  • Feature: Hand-painted nails

❤Package: nails 10pcs + sticky tabs + cuticle stick + alcohol wipe + mini nail file.
❤Our nails are hand painted. Reusable if looked after. 

❤How to use 
1. Giving your nails a gentle buff with a nail file to remove grease. 
2. Clean the nails with alcohol pads. 
3. Choose a suitable sticky tabs. 
4. Choose a right nail. 
5. Press down from the root for 10 seconds until firm. 
6. Polishing the edges of nails. 

❤Remove the Nails 
1. Use a small stick to gently pry the crevice on the side of the nail. 
2. Gently pry several times until the nail piece comes off.  
3. Force forced removal directly, will be more damage to the nail surface.


Color: 24781
Size: XS